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Scientific researches in the field of creation of a new composition for the roadway covering were carried out. The purpose of the scientific task which was set is the exclusion of the bitumen binder from asphalt composition as being carcinogenic material.
The researches have shown the expediency of the task in view and its actuality for real use of the composition as asphalt.

Graph of temperature of bitumen plasticization as a function of Naralex percentage.

Other interpretation of the problem is the use of composition as the active admixture into bitumen, that allows qualitatively improve the characteristic properties of bitumen, i.e. to raise its temperature of plasticization and to increase the adhesion.

Graph of strength and deformation as a function of composition of the mixture of bitumen (5 %) with Naralex (1.1%)

The received composition is tested by TechnoGeo ANAS (Italia) and by the laboratory Dorproekt (Armenia). The results are confirmed by test logs and corresponding certificates.


The model of interaction of supersorbent with various liquids is developed. In particular, the process of water sorption by polymer from water-soluble liquids was researched. .

The purpose of the present researches is the revealing of possibility of practical application of supersorbents in industry, social sphere, in the large life- supporting centers of cities and villages. For example:

  • As the filters in water pools` purification systems
  • As the generator of soil water
  • In medicine
  • For the foodstuff production

It is evident from the results, that the speed of water sorption is sufficiently high in comparison with inverse process (see Fig.1), thus the polymer mass increases 1000 times (from 12mg up to 12g).

Unlimited possibilities of the material are demonstrated as a result of the researches of supersorbents.

However the practical decision of the problem depends on physical condition of sorbent in technological mode and on possibility of desorption speed control.



Are researched the possibility of inert material gluing (for example gluing of different marks of Moplen) and the technology of their gluing.

Gluing technique and the appliance for Moplen material gluing under proper temperature are developed. The appliance allows put the glue in the form of powder with dispersity up to 150 micrometers. The temperature of glue putting corresponds to melting point of polymer-glue.

The appliance has an electronic control unit and a tool.

The tool is made in the form of pistol connected to the unit by the use of pneumatic tubes and wiring. Operating and adjusting controls are placed on the unit.

Total weight of the appliance is 20kg and weight of the tool is 350g. Two or three operators can use one unit simultaneously or in turn.

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The possibility of glueing of acrylates together with other materials is researched.
The purpose of given development is the creation of comparatively cheap adhesive for gluing of polymers based on acrylates together with different materials. There is also another task the development of gluing technique for polymers having uniform glue line with coefficient of translucence of 95% and more.

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