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SURENTECHNOLOGY Is an Italian company which researches, develops, patents and puts new products and high technologies in the international market, exploits new ecological means while keeping their natural features.

The Firm carries out :
  • Wide advisory activity on modern materials and technologies
  • Scientific researches in some applied and fundamental directions
  • Represents the problems at conferences, exhibitions and other international forums

    Main activity of firm is based on the use of waste products (secondary materials) basically, using wastes of wood origin, biomaterials and of stone working.

    The Firm was founded in 2004 on the basis of scientific, experimental and is trial-industrial developments carried out during 15 years.


    I am interested in future because
    I am going to spend there the rest of all my life.


  • Manufacture of fuel briquettes and pellets >>more>>>
  • Manufacture of facing slabs, bricks and tiles>>more>>>
  • Briquette manufacture machine >>more>>>
  • Pellet manufacture machine >>more>>>
    Porto Sant Elpidio(AP), Via Ancona 25
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    E-mail: surentechnology@libero.it
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