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    Contact person: Suren Nikoghosyan

  • Italy
  • Porto Sant Elpidio(AP), Via Ancona 25
  • Tel:  (39) 0734991939
  • Cell: (39) 3334751759, (39) 3403792082
  • Codice Fiscale: NKGSRN46M1421360
    Partita IVA : 01800050443
  • E-mail:surentechnology@libero.it


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I am interested in future because
I am going to spend there the rest of all my life.


  • Manufacture of fuel briquettes and pellets >>more>>>
  • Manufacture of facing slabs, bricks and tiles>>more>>>
  • Briquette manufacture machine >>more>>>
  • Pellet manufacture machine >>more>>>
    The opportunity of ordering of any products presented on a site and also of consultation, research or lecture will be given. >>more>>>
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